Special Response Team (S.R.T.) (S.W.A.T.)

The sole purpose of the Newnan Police Department's Special Response Team is to assist the Department in achieving its mission of providing efficient and effective law enforcement service to our community by providing highly trained and motivated personnel trained in the use and deployment of special weaponry and advanced tactics.

It is always the goal of S.R.T. to peacefully resolve all deployment situations. It is this unit's fundamental belief that they can resolve incidents in our community by providing a highly trained cadre of tactical officers.

S.R.T. assists the various divisions of the Newnan Police Department and other police agencies, upon command approval, in dealing with any and/or all of the following law enforcement situations:

  • Armed or barricaded suspects
  • Hostage situations
  • High-risk warrant service
  • Dignitary protection
  • Institutional insurrections
  • Civil disturbances
  • High profile, proactive law enforcement situations
  • Any other law enforcement function deemed appropriate by the City of Newnan Chief of Police or his designee

Team Commander: Captain Atwood