Property Tax Information

Beginning in 2015, City of Newnan property taxes have been billed and collected by the Coweta County Tax Commissioner. Prior to that year, City residents received two separate tax bills with two different due dates. Now all Coweta County residents and businesses receive one tax bill, due and payable by December 1st to the Coweta County Tax Commissioner. View the 2020 5 Year Tax Digest Ad (PDF) for the City's current year property tax digest and a 5-year history of the levy.

The Newnan City Council sets the millage rate each year in the summer based on digest information provided by Coweta County.

What Property Is Taxed

All real estate and personal property are taxable unless law has exempted the property (O.C.G.A. 48-5-3.) "Real Property" is land and generally anything that is erected, growing or affixed to the land; personal property is everything that can be owned that is not real estate. "Personal property" typically consists of inventory and fixtures used in conducting a business, such as boats, aircraft, farm machinery, motor vehicles, and mobile homes. The contents of your household are not normally taxable unless they are used for a home-based business.