Accounts Payable

The Accounting Technician is responsible for processing all payments to vendors for goods and services provided to the City of Newnan. All vendors doing business with the City are required to complete a W-9 Form at least bi-annually, or prior to issuance of purchase orders or invoice processing. View the W-9 Online form. The vendor W-9 form can be submitted electronically by emailing the Accounts Technician. You may also call Accounts Payable for questions pertaining to invoices or accounts payable in general. Please note that payments may be held until the W-9 form is received by the City if we do not have a current W-9 on file for your company.

To ensure timely payments, vendors should mail original invoices to the Finance Department.

The City typically does not pay from statements or invoice copies. All invoices should include the PO number. if used to order, and the payment terms. Vendor checks are processed weekly, typically on Friday. In order to ensure payment on Friday, the invoice must be received by the Finance Department no later than Wednesday at 5 pm

Payment Terms

Invoices are paid according to the terms stated on the vendor invoice. If no payment terms are stated on the invoice, the City assumes the terms are net 30 days for payment processing.

City's Tax Exempt Status

The City of Newnan is a municipal government agency and, as such, is exempt from sales taxes for most purchases. Please view a copy of the City's ST-5 Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption Form (PDF). Vendors may also access the City's W-9 Form (PDF).