Tent Requests

The City of Newnan regulates tent requests for events requiring the temporary placement of a tent. Tents that are over four hundred square feet, or enclosed, must be inspected and approved by the City's Fire Marshall prior to the event opening date. The Tent Request Form (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the City Manager's Office. Additionally, an event map/site plan showing available parking and the completed, notarized Property Owner's Authorization form (PDF) must be provided with the Tent Request when submitted to the City of Newnan.

There is a $25 inspection fee, which is due when the Tent Request is submitted. Please be aware that some Tent Requests will also require approval by the City's Planning and Zoning Department. Once approval is granted for the tent, the City's Fire Marshall will call the contact person listed on the Tent Request to schedule an inspection of the tent prior to the opening date of the event. The event cannot open until the Fire Marshall has inspected and approved the tent. A 2-week window (prior to the event) for processing, inspection, and approval of the Tent Request is required. If you have questions concerning the tent inspection, please email the Fire Marshall.

If the tent is being utilized for business purposes, sale of goods or services, by a business not physically located in Newnan, a temporary Occupational Tax Certificate must be obtained from the Finance Department. Examples include the sale of fireworks and automobile tent sales. A copy of the inspected and approved Tent Request form must be submitted with the application. See the following instructions:

  • A New Business Application (PDF) must be submitted to the City's Licensing Office, located in the Finance Department, where a temporary license will be issued covering the time frame of the specific event. Fees for the temporary license will be based on the gross receipts expected to be generated by the business during the license period requested.
  • The Private Employer Affidavit (PDF) and the Affidavit Verifying Status (PDF) must also be submitted with the application, along with a legible copy of the applicant's driver's license (or another acceptable form of identification) for eVerify purposes. Please note that an Affidavit Verifying Status form is required for each owner/partner/professional/etc. listed for the business, along with a legible copy of their driver's license or other acceptable forms of ID.

Questions concerning Tent Requests, in general, may be directed via email to the City Manager's Office.