Pay My Delinquent Taxes

The City of Newnan continues to collect only delinquent city taxes for the years 2014 and prior. Beginning in 2015, all Coweta County residents will receive one tax bill annually, due and payable to the Coweta County Tax Commissioner by December 1st. The City of Newnan will no longer bill and collect city taxes separately.

Property tax bills are based on the calendar year in which they are issued. If the taxes are not paid by the due date, a penalty of 1% per month is added each month until the taxes are paid in full. Additionally, the City will issue a tax execution (Fi Fa or Fieri Facias) for the tax and penalties once all other collection efforts are exhausted. The owner will be given a 30-day notice of Intent to Fi Fa prior to the tax execution being processed. If the taxes are paid within that 30-day time frame, the Fi Fa will not be issued.

This Fi Fa process allows the City to auction the property on the courthouse steps (tax sale) to collect the delinquent taxes and fees. All collection costs are added to the amount due, including attorney fees, postage, copies, administrative fees, and advertising. The fees added for collection can total up to $800 or more and will be added to the property taxes due.

Tax sales are conducted on the courthouse steps the first Tuesday of each month, following the advertising of the property for sale each Thursday of the prior month in the local newspaper. The minimum bid is set at the amount owed to the City, including taxes, penalties and all collection fees. If the property is sold at auction, the original owner has an absolute right of redemption for one year. There will be a 20% markup added to the purchase price for the redemption. The original owner also has the first right of redemption for an additional four years, but each year, or part of a year, constitutes another 20% markup on the purchase price.

Delinquent accounts with an active Fi Fa cannot be paid by credit card through the City's online system. A message will be displayed asking that the City be contacted. Collection fees are not available through this website, therefore, the owner must contact the City for the total due prior to making payment. These accounts should be paid by cash, in person at City Hall, or with a cashier's check. If a regular check is mailed, the Fi Fa will not be released until the check clears the bank. Fi Fas will not be released until the account is paid in full.

Properties acquired by the City through a tax sale may, at Council's discretion, be advertised and auctioned for sale by the City at some future point in time. The original owner would be offered the first right of redemption if the sale is conducted within the 5-year time frame mentioned above. Questions concerning delinquent taxes should be emailed to K Carroll.