Water & Utilities

Newnan Utilities has delivered water to businesses and residents of Newnan since 1893. An advanced water distribution system annually delivers one billion gallons for industrial, residential, and fire protection use. All of the water is treated in the Hershall Norred Water Treatment Plant, a conventional surface water treatment plant with a capacity of fourteen million gallons per day. The water that supplies the plant comes from three streams: White Oak Creek, Line Creek, and Sandy Brown Creek. Water is pumped from these streams into a 1.8 billion gallon reservoir system and is stored until needed for treatment.

Newnan Water, Sewerage, and Light Commission (Newnan Utilities) is completely responsible for the control and management of the water, sewerage, and electricity for the City of Newnan. Newnan Utilities has gained a reputation over the last century for excellence in providing services, planning for the future, and maintaining only the highest quality of facilities.

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