Business Industry

Some of Newnan's top corporate employers.

Coweta County Development Authority

The Coweta County Development Authority cooperates with local, regional, and state agencies in efforts to promote business expansion and/or relocation to Coweta County. Business and industry clients and prospects receive assistance in many areas including low-cost bond financing, developed industrial sites, available industrial buildings, Ad Valorem tax liability, government permitting/Approval process, and temporary office space.

Business Development / Main Street

The Business Development Department is made up of two parts, Business Development, and Main Street Newnan. The office is focused on maintaining healthy, viable commercial districts that are symbols of community care and promote a high quality of life. The Business Development office is directly concerned with three areas of development: business retention, business expansion, and business development.

Main Street Newnan trusts that a healthy, viable downtown is crucial to the heritage, economic health, and civic pride of the entire community. Main Street recruits new businesses for any available space in the downtown area and also promotes existing
Main Street businesses. Many special events are held throughout the year to attract visitors and potential customers to the downtown commercial district.

Newnan Coweta Chamber of Commerce

Through an active and diverse membership, the Chamber improves the economy and quality of life for members and the community. The Chamber is focused on helping businesses grow and succeed. Invaluable training, networking opportunities, and informational resources are provided to members.

View the Newnan Coweta Chamber of Commerce website.

City Government

The City of Newnan operates with a Council/Manager form of government. The City of Newnan is divided into six districts, A, B, C, D, E, and F, with a council member elected from each. Districts E and F are Superdistricts consisting of the combination of two districts. The Mayor is elected citywide. Therefore, every citizen in Newnan is represented by the mayor and by two council members, one from the district and one from the Superdistrict. The official policy for the City of Newnan is set by this elected body which serves four-year terms. Elections are held every two years on odd years. The City Manager runs the daily operations of the city.

Coweta County

Coweta County is governed by a five-member, elected Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners establishes ordinances and policies for County operation. Board members are elected in separate districts, and terms are for four years. Elections are held in even years and alternate between two and three districts. The Coweta County Commission Chairmanship rotates on a yearly basis allowing each Board Member to serve as Chairman of the Board. The day-to-day governmental operations are handled through the County Administration Office.

View the Coweta County website.