Multi-Family Rental Housing Inspection Program

On October 18, 2019, the City of Newnan Mayor and City Council approved a Multi-Family Ordinance.

The program will preserve property values, promote economic vitality and crime prevention, and ensure safe, healthy, clean environments for occupants and the surrounding areas, as well as promote ongoing investments in upkeep and maintenance.

The Building Department has developed an ordinance for the purpose of inspecting and maintaining existing apartment complexes in the City of Newnan. These inspections will be performed by third-party inspectors and compliance inspection certificates will be submitted annually with their Occupational Tax Certificates.

To receive the Compliance Certificate, applicants must print and return the following items to the City of Newnan's Building Department:

All forms must be submitted to the City of Newnan's Building Department.

For more information please contact the Building Department.

Additional information on the Multi-Family Rental Housing Program: