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  1. Request to Add Bid to the City of Newnan Website Form

    If you have a bid that needs to be added to, fill out this form to request with as much correct information as possible.... More…

Data Requests

  1. Boards and Commissions Volunteer Form

    Submit this form if you have any interest in serving in any of the City of Newnan Boards or Commissions.

  2. City of Newnan/Amwaste Additional Services
  3. GIS Data and Map Request Form

    Data and Mapping Services Request Form Citizens Request Center

  4. Newnan City Hall Tour Request Form
  1. City of Newnan Proclamation Request Form
  2. City of Newnan/Amwaste Billing Information Update

    This form is for use to update billing information for sanitation pickup through Amwaste.

  3. Newnan Citizen Academy Fall 2023 Application