Court Sessions


Arraignments are held every Monday and Wednesday at 2 pm. An arraignment is when a defendant is called before the court to answer to a criminal charge. A defendant is allowed to enter their plea on this date. If a not guilty plea is entered, the case will be rescheduled for a bench trial. The prosecuting attorney for the City of Newnan will be present for all arraignments and you will have the opportunity to speak with him/her about your case. Some cases require a mandatory court appearance. Please contact the Clerk's Office prior to arraignment to see if you must appear in court. 770-253-1226

Bench Trials

Bench trials are held one Thursday a month at 2 pm. A bench trial is a trial by judge, as opposed to a trial by jury. All witnesses on your case are subject to subpoena this day. If you should need to subpoena a witness on your behalf please contact the Clerk's Office at 770-253-1226.

Animal Cases

City ordinance violations for animal control will be seen once a month on a Thursday at 2 pm. If you would like to subpoena a witness on your case you may contact the Clerk's Office at 770-253-1226. The Animal Control officer for the City of Newnan may be reached at 770-254-2355, ext. 163. City ordinances referencing animal control are at Code of Ordinances | Newnan, GA | Municode Library.

Code Enforcement

The City of Newnan Code Enforcement cases are seen in Municipal Court one Thursday a month at 2 pm. For an explanation of all code enforcement violations, you may visit the City of Newnan's Code Enforcement page or contact the Code Enforcement Department at 770-253-2682.

Probation Revocations

Probation revocation hearings are set by the probation officers. If you have questions about your hearing date or status please contact your probation officer directly at 770-253-5001.

Parking Tickets

A hearing on a parking citation can be held during any court session.

Please let us know if you plan to attend court and we will expedite your case:
Phone: 770-253-1226
Email Municipal Court