Transportation and Traffic

The Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, design, and operation of the transportation systems to help build a smart, safe, and livable City of Newnan.  This includes streets and roadways, ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant sidewalks, traffic control signs and devices, and traffic signals.  

The Department maintains a database of pavement conditions for all segments of streets and roadways within the City’s jurisdiction.  From this database, maintenance and repair needs are assessed, annually, for paving.

The Department conducts a number of speed studies to assist the Police Department with enforcement, and to determine appropriate speed limits for the various streets and roadways.  A network of radar feedback speed limit signs is deployed around the City, to aide in traffic calming, and these signs are moved around to ensure optimal effectiveness.  The signs will collect traffic volumes and speed data.

The City is undergoing upgrades to hardware and software for the traffic signals within the City’s jurisdiction, in development of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).  This includes web based communication with the signal controllers and video detection for setting timing of the signal phases.

For questions or more information regarding transportation and traffic, click the link at the left of this page, or contact Michael Klahr.