Request a Letter of Proclamation From Mayor Brady

To request a letter or proclamation from Mayor Keith Brady, please fill out the City of Newnan Proclamation Request Form. Please provide as much detail as possible in your request and submit your request at least three weeks prior to the due date / event date (please take into consideration upcoming national and federal holidays).

Once the form has been submitted, a contact from the Office of the Mayor will contact the applicant and follow up on the request. 

Guidelines for All Documents

All document requests must be submitted via the City of Newnan Proclamation Request Form at least three weeks prior to the due date. (Please note: Any requests made with less than a three-week notice may be denied due to time constraints).

All requests must include the following information: event date, due date, contact information, and information about the request.

City of Newnan Proclamation Request Form

  1. Requestor Information
  2. Request Type
  3. Proclamation Request Only
  4. Recipient Information
  5. Delivery Information
  6. Supporting Documentation
  7. Additional Information: (Note: If you wish for someone to be a CC: on your letter, be sure to list his/her name and title. Information provided in this box is critical to personalization of correspondence. Good questions to answer include "what is the occassion? what are some relevant facts or pieces of information which will help us personalize the letter for your group, citizen, event or publication?")
  8. Leave This Blank: