City Manager

The Office of the City Manager is responsible for coordinating the city's varied functions. Appointed by and reporting to the City Council, the City Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer, charged with the implementation of City Council adopted policies and directives and the City's day-to-day operations.

In addition, the duties and responsibilities of the City Manager include enforcing all laws and ordinances and appointing all Department Directors; recommending measures necessary for the proficient operation of the City; assisting in the preparation of the City's recommended budget; overseeing the City's public safety, and all other duties required by ordinance or resolution set forth by Mayor and City Council.

The City Manager also administers the City of Newnan's $30 million dollar General Fund operating budget that continues to maintain a high level of service to the City of Newnan Citizenry as well as managing millions from other Capital Funding Sources.

To fulfill these duties, the City Manager is directly aided by: