Special Event Permits

The City of Newnan issues Special Event Permits to allow the serving of alcohol at private functions or special events, such as weddings. You may email the City's Licensing Specialist for more information. The City of Newnan Special Event Permits (PDF) for a special event permit is also to be submitted to the Licensing Specialist at 25 LaGrange Street, along with the $50 fee. On this page is the section of the City of Newnan Ordinances governing Special Event Permits.

Section 3-21. - Special Event Permits.

(a) In order to serve wine, and/or beer and malt beverages, and/or distilled spirits at a private function or special event, at a permitted location, the person organizing the private function or special event shall be required to:

(1) Apply to the city for a "special event permit." The application shall include the name and business address of any caterer providing food service for the private function or special event, the date, time and location of the event, which location must be a permitted location as set forth in this chapter or otherwise exempt as set forth under this chapter;

(2) Pay the cost of such permit as set forth in section 3-31 of this chapter. If the application meets all of the requirements of this chapter, the city clerk shall issue the special event permit. If the city clerk finds that the application does not meet the requirements of this chapter and denies the special event permit, the applicant may appeal to the city council within five days of the date of the denial.

(b) The "special event permit" shall be maintained at the site of the private function or special event during the hours alcoholic beverages are served.

(c) The person holding the private function or special event, and not otherwise required to be licensed pursuant to this chapter, must purchase the alcoholic beverages.

(d) The "special event permit" licensee shall be responsible for any violation of this chapter which occurs at the event whether by the licensee's employees or agents, invitee of the licensee or invitee of the invitee of the licensee.